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Log4JFugue requires JFugue 4.0 or later

JFugue 4.0 requires Java 1.5.0 at a minimum. A lot of Java Sound bugs were fixed in Java 1.5, and JFugue takes advantage of those fixes.

Version 1.0
April 14, 2009
Get Log4JFugue 1.0! This zip contains the class files, third party jars, configuration files, sample log file and a run script.
Version 1.0
April 14, 2009
Get Log4JFugue 1.0! This download contains the Log4JFugue .class files. There are no source files or documentation in this file.
Various Versions
April 14, 2009
Get Log4JFugue Support Jars! This download contains other jars needed by the Log4JFugue main program.
Version 1.0
April 14, 2009
This contains the Log4JFugue source code. You only need the source code if you want to make changes to it, or if you want to see how Log4JFugue works.
Version 1.0
April 14, 2009
This is a zip of the Log4JFugue JavaDoc, also available online here.

License Information

Log4JFugue is distributed under the LGPL license for all development purposes.

Version Information

Log4JFugue 1.0

  • Initial release
    • Process messages from running applications
    • Process messages from existing log files
    • Select your instruments and strings to search for