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Log4JFugue at JavaOne 2009

Java Talk Radio Interview at JavaOne

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Another blog about our Java presentation

Tweet from Rod Johnson (inventor of Spring) "Heard about Log4jFugue from Brian Tarbox at JavaOne. Didn't get to catch his session, but sounds a brilliant idea."

Yet another blog about our Java presentation
Next was a session on something a little different: ‘Programming Music for Fun and Productivity: JFugue and Log4JFugue’. It showed the complexity of the Midi library, and the simplicity of the JFugue library. I have tried Midi programming in Java once, and while producing a single or a few notes ain’t that hard, it is a lot of code. JFugue makes the translation of sheetmusic to a program, or creating rythms, childs play. It is also the foundation for the project Log4JFugue. This cool project turns log4j output to sound. The demo was absolutely fabulous. Patterns and changes in large amounts of logging output became apparent instantly.